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Are you there??

I have absolutely abandoned FashionCrunch as of late – which I apologize for but I have been a teeny tiny bit busy so unfortunately my blog did suffer as a result.
Well, where to begin – I last left the blog during my internship in London at SheerLuxe.com – an amazing online fashion directory ( I recommend you all checking it out – if you have not yet done so!). After completing the internship – and having a pretty grand time – I moved back up north to the beautiful land of Warrington (note there is no sarcasm in my tone – I love my northern home). After moving back I landed the role of Junior Copywriter for an online marketing agency. Currently a week in, I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to get cracking.
I will be back on full form soon and really eager to start adding a few outfit posts of all my newest looks and – as always – keeping you all in the loop on my bargain finds.

Sarahlou x


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