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Stalk her Style: Marina Diamandis

*New Fashionista Alert*

Marina Diamandis, singer of Marina and the Diamonds, is fast becoming my new fashion favourite!

She gets snaps from me for her fabulous Vivienne Westwood bowling bag but her style is both unique and affordable as she favours high street brands like Motel Rocks.

The star describes her style as cartoon-like and it is easy to see why as it is bright and exaggerated.

Leopard print prom dress

This bright leopard print dress from Matalan perfectly encapsulates Marina’s wild style and is only £25.


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Stars and stripes- a bit of alright

untitled4.jpg image by alexlostinparis

The 4th of July is over a month away but Marina and the Diamonds and Lady GaGa have already worked patriotism chic to the max.

High street stores have now jumped on the Americana trend wagon and the good news is that it is a look you can pull off with minor bank balance damage.

This slouchy vest top from George is a bargain for £8 and after teaming it with a pair of your best Daisy Duke’s you will want to host an Independence Day BBQ of your own. 

American Sequin Clutch

For those who want to add American sparkle to their night-time look why not head down to Accessorize and buy this sequin flag clutch for £30. Keep the colour scheme going with a touch of red lipstick

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