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Gaga fashion doesn’t come cheap

Lady Gaga wowed everyone in her regal Alexander McQueen dress at the MTV Video Music Awards.

However, anyone hoping to try to imitate her royal Gaganess best be ready to sign over their bank account.

[photo via MatchesFashion.com]

This Alexander McQueen dress with similar pattern to the one the Bad Romance singer wore can be yours for just over £7,000 from Matches Fashion

Guess I will put it on my Christmas list and see if Santa is feeling highly generous this year.


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Carne de Lady Gaga

You have to hand it to Gaga – the second you think she has worn her craziest outfit yet she never fails to disappoint with the next.

Her royal Gaganess features on Japan’s Vogue Hommes styling an outfit made entirely of raw steak.

Its shocking, statement and strange – everything we expect and want from our favourite starlet.

…I think I will be keeping my meat on the plate though, not a trend I can see catching on.

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Wigs the new ‘it’ accessory?

Okay, so it’s no secret that GaGa loves her wigs as she is rarely seen without a crazy wig creation. However, are wigs about to become the new ‘it’ accessory?

Katy Perry

 Wigs seem to be catching on and singer Katy Perry was spotted rocking this blue wig recently.

If you want to work a wig then remember Halloween wigs are a no no, it’s worth splashing the cash on one – just think of the hundreds of bad hair days you will avoid.

Will you be working a wig?



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GaGa just loves stationary

Only Lady GaGa could take a $5000 bag and scribble all over it.

After arriving in Japan her royal highness decided to cover her Hermes Birkin bag in Japanese writing.

GaGa, who says money is one of her hatreds, shows us that you don’t need an overpriced bag for style and that you can work harajuku chic by just spending a quid or two on a permanent marker (probably best to go for a cheaper bag though!)

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Stars and stripes- a bit of alright

untitled4.jpg image by alexlostinparis

The 4th of July is over a month away but Marina and the Diamonds and Lady GaGa have already worked patriotism chic to the max.

High street stores have now jumped on the Americana trend wagon and the good news is that it is a look you can pull off with minor bank balance damage.

This slouchy vest top from George is a bargain for £8 and after teaming it with a pair of your best Daisy Duke’s you will want to host an Independence Day BBQ of your own. 

American Sequin Clutch

For those who want to add American sparkle to their night-time look why not head down to Accessorize and buy this sequin flag clutch for £30. Keep the colour scheme going with a touch of red lipstick

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