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Turban Treat

Like most fashion trends, Sex and the City is always at the forefront of style.
Some of us may have ridiculed (others adored!) the turban Carrie Bradshaw wore in SATC2 that came out in May last year. I, however, was one of the people who loved the turban, what better way to achieve a desert chic look? Now the high street has caught on (about a year late I may add) and turbans are readily available for us fashionistas to work Carrie’s Abu Dhabi look.

I wore my turban a few weekends ago, it is a hair band inspired turban from ASOS but now after trying out the trend I reckon I want to go the whole hog and get a full turban. If you are going to try a similar look I recommend wearing your hair wavy and with extensions (if you don’t have natural long locks like yours truly!)

ASOS £12

This full turban from ASOS is in a striking blue colour that would look gorge on a summer holiday, perfect for sightseeing days or chilled out nights teamed with a black maxi.

BooHoo £5 (Was £10)

Or, if you are not ready for the turban trend, why not try testing it out with this knitted turban style headband from BooHoo. Great way of bringing the turban into winter while we wait for the more temperate months.


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Pass the crimpers

Crimpers - Check. Now where can I find the eye patch...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am rather lazy when it comes to my hair, I don’t straighten/ blow-dry it…I just wash it and let it do its own thang (thank gawd for natural waves). But recently I have been thinking perhaps it is time to mix it up a bit. My last pair of GHDs were commandeered by my younger sibling after I declared I refused to straighten my locks anymore and since then they have burst into flames (well sparks started shooting from the socket, but you get the picture) so sibling is now on probably her 8th set of GHDs ( they have a short shelf life in my bushy haired family).
After watching Rihanna’s amaze new video S&M I am inspired to get a set of crimpers to achieve the look…apparantly it is coming back big stylee so an investment is most certainly required.

Another celeb to rock the crimped look is fabooshka model Amber Le Bon. As an  Umberto Giannini model she obviously knows what she’s doing when it comes to hair so come on guys time to grab the crimpers and follow suit.

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Jared Leto – Style Icon

There is something you need to know about me, I am a maahooosive 30 Seconds to Mars fan. I became obsessed with them in 2006 and have been a strong follower of them ever since. After meeting them in person twice and following them on their tours, I can admit I am a little bit fanatic over the amazing band fronted by the ever so awesome Jared Leto.

Due to my obsession, I have dedicated this week to follow them on their UK tour, I have seen tham at London O2, Birmingham NIA, Aberdeen AECC and Manchester Central.

At the O2 show I was ever so lucky to get to the front and managed to get some amazing pictures of Mr Leto sporting new blue locks.

So close I could have touched him – well could have done if it wasn’t for his bodyguard!!

Jared is a big fan of changing his hair style on the regular so here are some of my favourite Jared hair looks:

Mohawk, blonde and now blue – what hair style will he think of next? And will the legions of Jared wannabees be following him and grabbing the blue hair dye?  Here’s hoping!

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Bando it up

Having a bad hair summer? No problem, as festival season is now upon us the ultimate hair craze is back again: The headband.
Although, this year the trend has taken a more ethnic twist with Nicole Richie rocking a grecian inspired headband (no doubt a piece from her House of Harlow line).
But if you want to get on board with a trend before everyone else my recommendation is the bando.
The bando is a rope usually with embellishment that one can tie around their head, wrist, neck and wherever you want really!
Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, rocked one in series 2 of Gossip Girl but the high street have only just caught on to the trend.
Pocahontas Elaborate Feather Tie Bando
My favourite bando at the moment is this feathered one from Accessorize, for £8 it is perfect for rocking at a festival or for the beach.



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Wigs the new ‘it’ accessory?

Okay, so it’s no secret that GaGa loves her wigs as she is rarely seen without a crazy wig creation. However, are wigs about to become the new ‘it’ accessory?

Katy Perry

 Wigs seem to be catching on and singer Katy Perry was spotted rocking this blue wig recently.

If you want to work a wig then remember Halloween wigs are a no no, it’s worth splashing the cash on one – just think of the hundreds of bad hair days you will avoid.

Will you be working a wig?



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