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Pass the crimpers

Crimpers - Check. Now where can I find the eye patch...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am rather lazy when it comes to my hair, I don’t straighten/ blow-dry it…I just wash it and let it do its own thang (thank gawd for natural waves). But recently I have been thinking perhaps it is time to mix it up a bit. My last pair of GHDs were commandeered by my younger sibling after I declared I refused to straighten my locks anymore and since then they have burst into flames (well sparks started shooting from the socket, but you get the picture) so sibling is now on probably her 8th set of GHDs ( they have a short shelf life in my bushy haired family).
After watching Rihanna’s amaze new video S&M I am inspired to get a set of crimpers to achieve the look…apparantly it is coming back big stylee so an investment is most certainly required.

Another celeb to rock the crimped look is fabooshka model Amber Le Bon. As an  Umberto Giannini model she obviously knows what she’s doing when it comes to hair so come on guys time to grab the crimpers and follow suit.


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Stalk her Style: Amber Le Bon

As the daughter of model Yasmin Le Bon, it is no wonder that 20-year-old Amber Le Bon is fast becoming fashion’s favourite model.

Amber is a big fan of high street and wears New Look threads and was also the face of some of ASOS’s designs.

She  flaunts her inherited model legs in short mini dresses but Amber seems to favour a more casual look as she has been papped working geek chic glasses like a pro.

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