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House of Holland A/W11/12 Video

House Of Holland A/W 2011 from TEST on Vimeo.

I want the HAWT COUTURE tee, NOW..please


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Trends…and the men that hate them!

If GaGa's wearing it...I must also

So it has recently dawned on me that the majority of trends that us girlies simply j’adore – men absolutely cannot stand! I came to the realization after contemplating on whether to wear my geek glasses the other day (I decided against them in the end…they looked appalling with my headband) after putting them on whilst gazing in the mirror with consideration my boyf broke it to me that he hates them with a vengeance “They aren’t even prescription, what is the point in wearing them?”. Truth is I don’t know why I wear them, my sight is pretty average but like most trends, if they are being sold in the shops and every other girl is wearing them – imma buy them!

And geek glasses aren’t the only accessory that men don’t understand….the harem pant epidemic of ’09 and its revival in 2010 did not go down well with the male population – “it looks like a nappy” and “why is your crotch so baggy?” were among the loving observations of these misunderstood trousers and let’s not even get started on jeggings…..

Well, my message to men is yes we women may occasionally (Okay, all the friggen time) wear things that you cannot comprehend in your minds but in a world of Spring/Summers and Autumn/Winters, in this season and out the next it is virtually impossible to know what is ridiculous and what actually looks reasonable. Rest assured we may wear silly things some times but come next season we will be thinking what the hell where we thinking ( acid wash jeans, anyone? )

….mind you, come the next season we will probably find something even more ridiculous to wear – Don’t hate the player hate the game!

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Sunday Summary… 23/01/11

This weekend I….ate way more than what I usually should eat. Had my beautiful friend Megan visit me for the weekend [check her out on twitter @NotoriousMEG_ ] Drank way more cider than I usually should drink. Shed a small tear over how expensive alcohol is in London ( I come from a land of quadruple vodkas and free shots! ) Decided to embrace geek chic . Danced with krishas in the street Hare Krishna!!! Learned how to use the hob in my flat after living here 3 weeks . Went for a ride in a Tuk Tuk. Drove a Tuk Tuk . Discovered some cute bargains in Primark – a floral headband which will be my summer essential!! Tried to knock on No 10 Downing Street…got told by armed guards that we wern’t allowed. Got Lost. Enjoyed a Pizza Hut, Fajitas and a Chinese. Tried my first pot noodle whilst watching my OC boxsets in a hungovered state. Got crunk to old favourites such as Golddigger and new favourites like Traktor. Met David Tennant – well someone who looked freakishly like him!! Embraced Henry VIII outside the Tower of London. Hugged a Gherkin. Went to Buckingham Palace. Made up too many funny sayings with Megan and had a beautiful weekend!!

Bring on next weekend x

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Fashion goes TopGun

The Burberry A/W2010 catwalks were littered with the new ‘it’ jacket – The Aviator.

But no worries as you don’t need a designer income to achieve this flying fashion look.

This jacket should be your number one autumn investment and many high street retailers such as River Island and ASOS are already offering their take on the trend.

My favourite is this £59.99 jacket from River Island. It would look great with jeans and biker boots for a casual look or toughen up a floral dress by layering it over the top.

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Camel Couture

Camel Coats autumn/winter 2010 trend

[Photo via Vogue UK]

 Autumn/ Winter 2010 is fast approaching and the fashion buzz word of the moment is Camel.

Camel coloured tones will be so popular that trendspotters predict there won’t be room to swing a cat on the high street due to the number of people strutting down it in camel cover-up coats.

But why the appeal of the Camel coat? Is it due to the versatility of it, how it can be worn with pretty much anything or is it the chic timelessness it seems to have. Personally, I think it is the way you can bring any outfit from drab to fab just by throwing the Camel coat on and cinching in the waist.

Image 1 of ASOS Contrast Trim Cape

[photo via ASOS]

For the ultimate could-be-designer camel coat, go to Asos for this hooded camel cape for £80, worth every penny.

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I’ll take my Jelly with a side of Vivienne


Nothing like a new shoe to get you into the spirit of summer.

I never thought I would wear jelly shoes over the age of 9 but here I am lusting for a pair of Vivienne Westwood’s collection for Melissa.

Prices range from £69 – £110

[Images Via]

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Election couture

You can’t step one foot out the door without being plagued by election campaigns nor can we escape the “so who are YOU voting for?” conversation at work.

However there is one fun way to get involved in the general election – by theming your outfit of course.

Poppy Prom Dress

To represent Labour work this red poppy print dress from New Look, it is a bargain at £28.

French Connection Strapless Mini Tulip Dress

If you think Nick Clegg is the man for the job then vote Liberal Democrats and work this French Connection dress for £75 from

Vila Fringe Layer Tunic

Finally, if you’re voting Conservatives then make sure you work this Villa fringed tunic from for £40.

Personally, I think I am going to have to vote Lib Dem – I have a bit of a penchant for yellow.

The above dresses do not reflect the oppinions, views or election manifestos of any of the election candidates – so please don’t base your votes on these fabulous dresses.

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