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Do it like Jessie J

With the Brits coming up, I thought I needed to discuss my favourite pop lady of the moment, Jessie J. Since hitting the scene with her smash hit ‘Do it like a dude’ Jessie J has been here, there and everywhere, and her new song ‘Price Tag’ is catapulting her further into stardom. Obvs I love a good tune, but Jessie’s unique style has also caught my eye. Mixing up street chic tees with glam rock leather leggings this girl is certainly making waves with her style too. Plus she loves rocking a jumpsuit – a girl after my own heart!


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Golden Globes – Outfits Rated and Slated!

So award season has officially begun and kicking it all off in Tinsel Town was the Golden Globes last night.
Now, I have no idea who was nominated/ who won and all that jazz but I do know is what the glitterati were wearing (‘cos lets be honest it is all about the clothes really, isn’t it).
In the celeb world where nude has been the outfit tone du jour for such award events, it seems the colour taking centre stage now is green.

Green with Envy: Angelina Jolie, Cathering Zeta Jones and Mila Kunis at the Golden Globes

Angelina, CZJ and Mila looked absolutely stunning in their emerald toned dresses (seems this colour really pops on brunettes so best believe I will be investing in one too!)

Megan Fox looking flawless at the awards ceremony


My hair favourite of the night was Megan Fox who rocked a dramatic side part with classic waves that are scream old hollywood glamour.


Uh-Oh...nipple daisy disaster for Hayden Panettiere


It was a case of ‘so close yet so far’ for Hayden Panettiere with her nipple daisy disaster frock – she would have looked the height of sophistication if it hadn’t been for that malfunction.

My fashion fave of the night is Anne Hathaway, her shimmering bronzed gown makes her look like the glamazon that she really is.

The outfit to cause the biggest stir in the papers today was Helena Bonham Carter’s bedraggled look. Sporting a Vivienne Westwood dress that’s on the right side of kooky, Helena managed to ruin it with her crazy specs and mismatched shoes.
Known for not following fashion norms, Helena may have thought this outfit was her way of not putting much effort in, in my opinion she would have had to put more effort in – I mean, she bought two pairs of shoes so she could mix and match…everyone else only had to buy one pair :\

What were your favourite outfits of the night?


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Everyone is talking about: Kate Middleton’s engagement dress

Everyone is really excited about the upcoming nuptials of our future King and Queen but fashionistas everywhere cannot stop drooling over Kate Middleton’s gorge engagement dress.

The navy blue Issa dress looks amazing on our fashionable future queeny and it sold out within 24 hours of Kate wearing it.


However, fear not if you didn’t manage to snap the £385 Issa dress up as Tesco have now launched the ‘Kate Middleton’ dress inspired by the very same one she wore.

This dress is in my kind of price bracket too at only £16 – get it quick!

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Stalk their Style: The Like

With their 60s influenced style and lashings of eyeliner, this fashionable girl band are haute on my fashion radar.

All styled by the band’s drummer Tennessee Thomas the band embrace the 60s theme in their music as well as their fashion.

However my favourite fashion starlet of the group is Bassist Laena Geronimo, awesome name and an even more awesome sense of style…she has got me running for the liquid eyeliner and scissors…chunky fringe needed ASAP

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Stalk her Style: Amber Le Bon

As the daughter of model Yasmin Le Bon, it is no wonder that 20-year-old Amber Le Bon is fast becoming fashion’s favourite model.

Amber is a big fan of high street and wears New Look threads and was also the face of some of ASOS’s designs.

She  flaunts her inherited model legs in short mini dresses but Amber seems to favour a more casual look as she has been papped working geek chic glasses like a pro.

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SJP: Steal her style

It is pretty hard to imitate the wardrobe of Sarah Jessica Parker, unless you have £220 spare for a Halston Heritage dress, as pictured above.

But fear not my frugal fashionistas as Dorothy Perkins have a Halston lookalike dress for only £40.

[Picture via Dorothy Perkins]

Now that Sex and the City 2 fever has died down most magazines haven’t spotted this cutie so pick one up now before they sell out.

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Stalk her Style: Marina Diamandis

*New Fashionista Alert*

Marina Diamandis, singer of Marina and the Diamonds, is fast becoming my new fashion favourite!

She gets snaps from me for her fabulous Vivienne Westwood bowling bag but her style is both unique and affordable as she favours high street brands like Motel Rocks.

The star describes her style as cartoon-like and it is easy to see why as it is bright and exaggerated.

Leopard print prom dress

This bright leopard print dress from Matalan perfectly encapsulates Marina’s wild style and is only £25.

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