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Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby

Sorry for my delayed posts, London has been keeping me veerrrry busy!
But I am back on form now with a quick post on London Fashion Weekend. I got tickets free with work so decided to treat my sister and my friend Helen to a trip to Somerset House last weekend, for fashion, cocktails and more. Here are a few pics from last weekend…. ( I promise I will get time for a longer post soon :p )

Rocking some 70s swagga

Kirsty and Helen also working the 70s chic vibe



Taking in the sights

A fabulous weekend – I wore my new Primark tights that have a tattoo print on them, they sure shocked a few onlookers who I had to constantly reassure “they’re faux!”



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Rocked a military inspired look last weekend on one of my, now very frequent, sight-seeing trips around London. This weekend it was Tower of London, Tower bridge, London Eye and a few pubs (well the latter isn’t really sight-seeing but it was the weekend after all). Coat is from Primark (my boyf says I need a new coat after wearing this too much – but it’s my favourite!), jeans Primark again for £9 (yikes double Primarking – that’s bargainlicious!) and my bag is River Island, it is super trusty and I really don’t go anywhere without it.

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One from the Vault…

Fish and Chips, the new black

So continuing my fave fashion moments I have just unearthed this beauty. Some may look at it and think faux pas but I can’t beat a bit of tartan (I was born in Scotland cha’know). This was taken on a voyage to Blackpool one weekend with the boyf in ’06 (crikey, that was a hella long time ago!) . I have an addiction to anything with a skull print – one day I WILL afford an Alexander McQueen skull scarf, but until then this old NewLook scarf will be my saviour….now where did I last see it? :/

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Mila Kunis – Red Hot

Think I am starting to have a bit of a fashion crush on this lady. Shunning Spring’s muted tones, Mila went all out in a fierce scarlet Alexander McQueen maxi. Deffo my style winner from the SAG awards. Minimal accessories to let this wild dress do all the talking.
I loved this girl after seeing her on That 70s Show and cannot wait to see more of this rising star’s looks…stay tuned peeps!

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Favourite Fashion Moments….sequins

So, I have sooo many photos stored up in my laptop and have decided what better way to use them than to start featuring them on my blog. Everyone has that moment when they look back on their favorite outfits from the past (just me?) and an outfit isn’t just an outfit to me, it is a memory…of, say, a fabulous night out or a hilarious drunken time.
Getting the ball rolling on this section of my blog are my old faithful sequin hotpants… a steal from Topshop for £16, I think I worked these to the max…I always feel soooo Lady Gaga Bad Romance in them and refuse to throw them out – there will be a occassion in 2011 for them…I swear!

Me and my bestest wearing our HAWTpants in Munich ’09

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