The ‘Me’ bit

Hi, I’m SarahLou!

Welcome to my Blog!!
I’m a 22-year-old journalism graduate hoping to make it big in the biiiig city. Currently interning away in London but I am from Warrington, Cheshire (official Northerner y’all). Love fashion…addicted to high street trends and bargains. I have a built-in Primark radar system so am always on the scrounge for a bargain.
I have a penchant for bright, sparkly, flowery clothes and dream of one day bashing a classic Chanel quilted bag around town (a girl can dream, eh?)
Anywhoo….If it is ridiculous, tacky and outrageous I will most certainly want to buy it…I now have to prevent myself from these urges as an intern budget aint a good one! You will find me at the back of H&M rifling through the sale rale no doubt.


Make sure you follow me on Twitter for FashionCrunch updates: @Saharalou


One response to “The ‘Me’ bit

  1. Olivia Hall

    This website is great!! realy inspirational and offers some great tips on how to look good for less!! xx

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