Ode to GA lashes…

So I take my usual trip to Boots to pick up my weekend essential – false eyelashes. And I don’t get just any old lashes that are hanging about – I always have to get the Girls Aloud lashes, the Sarah Harding ones…no it is not because we share a name, it is simply because hers are the best. Okay, I can cope with Nadine’s if Sarah’s are sold out but really Harding’s are my no1 choice (Cheryl’s make me look like a camel, Kimberley’s are boring and Nicole’s are far too whispy).
Anywho, as I bought my eyelashes it dawned on me how much of an essential these eyelashes are, I don’t know a single girl who does not count GA lashes as one of her handbag staples. But as Girls Aloud have been ‘on a break’ for a while now…what the frig are we all going to do if they ever break up? Does that mean Eylure will stop making these fantastic eyelashes? Surely not! If they ever break up I guarantee Superdrug will be a postapocalyptic war zone with girls fighting to the death. Just to grab the last remaining pairs just so they can stock up. This day will come soon….make sure you’re ready.


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