Trends…and the men that hate them!

If GaGa's wearing it...I must also

So it has recently dawned on me that the majority of trends that us girlies simply j’adore – men absolutely cannot stand! I came to the realization after contemplating on whether to wear my geek glasses the other day (I decided against them in the end…they looked appalling with my headband) after putting them on whilst gazing in the mirror with consideration my boyf broke it to me that he hates them with a vengeance “They aren’t even prescription, what is the point in wearing them?”. Truth is I don’t know why I wear them, my sight is pretty average but like most trends, if they are being sold in the shops and every other girl is wearing them – imma buy them!

And geek glasses aren’t the only accessory that men don’t understand….the harem pant epidemic of ’09 and its revival in 2010 did not go down well with the male population – “it looks like a nappy” and “why is your crotch so baggy?” were among the loving observations of these misunderstood trousers and let’s not even get started on jeggings…..

Well, my message to men is yes we women may occasionally (Okay, all the friggen time) wear things that you cannot comprehend in your minds but in a world of Spring/Summers and Autumn/Winters, in this season and out the next it is virtually impossible to know what is ridiculous and what actually looks reasonable. Rest assured we may wear silly things some times but come next season we will be thinking what the hell where we thinking ( acid wash jeans, anyone? )

….mind you, come the next season we will probably find something even more ridiculous to wear – Don’t hate the player hate the game!


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