Sunday Summary… 23/01/11

This weekend I….ate way more than what I usually should eat. Had my beautiful friend Megan visit me for the weekend [check her out on twitter @NotoriousMEG_ ] Drank way more cider than I usually should drink. Shed a small tear over how expensive alcohol is in London ( I come from a land of quadruple vodkas and free shots! ) Decided to embrace geek chic . Danced with krishas in the street Hare Krishna!!! Learned how to use the hob in my flat after living here 3 weeks . Went for a ride in a Tuk Tuk. Drove a Tuk Tuk . Discovered some cute bargains in Primark – a floral headband which will be my summer essential!! Tried to knock on No 10 Downing Street…got told by armed guards that we wern’t allowed. Got Lost. Enjoyed a Pizza Hut, Fajitas and a Chinese. Tried my first pot noodle whilst watching my OC boxsets in a hungovered state. Got crunk to old favourites such as Golddigger and new favourites like Traktor. Met David Tennant – well someone who looked freakishly like him!! Embraced Henry VIII outside the Tower of London. Hugged a Gherkin. Went to Buckingham Palace. Made up too many funny sayings with Megan and had a beautiful weekend!!

Bring on next weekend x


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