London Calling

Me on my first voyage to London in 2009

Well, London….prepare yourself – The Sarah has landed.

I am very happy to say that I have today moved into my lovely flat in London to pursue my fashion journalism career with a fabulous internship! I am going to be living here for a few months and am uber looking forward to it!!

The last time I was working in London was at Closer magazine and that was an amazing experience. During my time at Closer magazine I was coming home at weekends so didn’t really get to experience London outside my 9-5 so I am sure as hell looking forward to doing a wee bit of sight seeing.

As part of my New Years resolution to do more blog posts I shall be keeping you in the loop of my tales during my time here….and of course, being in London there will be certainly a hella lot of fashion posts.

Anyone who is living in the capital feel free to tweet me any advice you have…to be honest, as with most things, I am a bit clueless over London.



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