Christmas: One day – A hellaload of outfit dramz

My dilema at the moment is trying to suss out an outfit to wear for Christmas day.

How can it be during party season when every high street shop worth its salt is flogging cheap festive dresses that I remain unable to locate a dress ideal for xmas day? I know it may sound like an easy purchase to make but it is no good just buying a dress with a reindeer on, I’m a girl who favours fashion versatility and what good is a festive dress come January 1st? So, my plan is to ditch the sequins and baubles in favour of something that I can style up to look xmassy for now and come 2011 I can re-work it with a whole new swagga.

Spanx pants why doth you reveal thyself?

At the time of year when we have all overindulged with mulled wine, more Terry’s chocolate oranges than you can count and of course Turkey best believe I do not want something figure hugging when I am tucking into my Xmas dinner. Spanx are the best thing since sliced bread but there is nothing attractive about the familiar sound of elastic pinging as one adjusts the waist of their faithful stomach holding in pants. Bearing this in mind, I decided to try and find something not too body-con so I have a bit of give after feasting.

I will let you know how I get on with my hunt – granted I am leaving it a bit too late but here’s hoping!


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