Jared Leto – Style Icon

There is something you need to know about me, I am a maahooosive 30 Seconds to Mars fan. I became obsessed with them in 2006 and have been a strong follower of them ever since. After meeting them in person twice and following them on their tours, I can admit I am a little bit fanatic over the amazing band fronted by the ever so awesome Jared Leto.

Due to my obsession, I have dedicated this week to follow them on their UK tour, I have seen tham at London O2, Birmingham NIA, Aberdeen AECC and Manchester Central.

At the O2 show I was ever so lucky to get to the front and managed to get some amazing pictures of Mr Leto sporting new blue locks.

So close I could have touched him – well could have done if it wasn’t for his bodyguard!!

Jared is a big fan of changing his hair style on the regular so here are some of my favourite Jared hair looks:

Mohawk, blonde and now blue – what hair style will he think of next? And will the legions of Jared wannabees be following him and grabbing the blue hair dye?  Here’s hoping!


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