Wigs the new ‘it’ accessory?

Okay, so it’s no secret that GaGa loves her wigs as she is rarely seen without a crazy wig creation. However, are wigs about to become the new ‘it’ accessory?

Katy Perry

 Wigs seem to be catching on and singer Katy Perry was spotted rocking this blue wig recently.

If you want to work a wig then remember Halloween wigs are a no no, it’s worth splashing the cash on one – just think of the hundreds of bad hair days you will avoid.

Will you be working a wig?




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3 responses to “Wigs the new ‘it’ accessory?

  1. love the wigs love the looks such an easy way to play have a new look without hitting the colour bottle and or extensions.
    Mike B2MR


  2. Wigs are amazin for fancy dress and I’m all for rocking extensions on a day to day basis! but i think it’s best to leave the yellow and blue looks to the Pop A-listers…or perhaps for a special night out! I wouldn’t rock one daytime!

  3. Love your post! I completely agree that wigs are the new “it” accessory! But wearing normal hair colored wigs are the best part of wearing wigs on a daily bases. I love to accessory my wig with my shoes or hand bag to give me a seamless look and randoms on the street always comment on how amazing my hair looks. When I tell them it’s a wig they can’t believe it and want to go out and get one. Crazy colors are fun to rock, too.

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