Playsuits – the new shopping standard?

 Previously reserved for evening attire only, the playsuit has now become an acceptable daytime look.

Stars such as Blake Lively and Fergie get 10 out of 10 for their breezy printed playsuits.

 However, Katy Perry, usually queen of the playsuit, has got this look all wrong. The tight fabric causes the outfit to look too revealing for daytime and K-Pez should have worn heels, a la Fergie and Blake, to elongate her legs.

Not brave enough to flash your pins? Then why not copy Whitney and try out a harem jumpsuit – still ticking the trend boxes for summer without getting chilly.

Playsuits for day, Yay or Nay?


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One response to “Playsuits – the new shopping standard?

  1. Fashion girl

    Love playsuits!! Not a fan of Katy Perry’s outfit at all though :S

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