Election couture

You can’t step one foot out the door without being plagued by election campaigns nor can we escape the “so who are YOU voting for?” conversation at work.

However there is one fun way to get involved in the general election – by theming your outfit of course.

Poppy Prom Dress

To represent Labour work this red poppy print dress from New Look, it is a bargain at £28.

French Connection Strapless Mini Tulip Dress

If you think Nick Clegg is the man for the job then vote Liberal Democrats and work this French Connection dress for £75 from Asos.com.

Vila Fringe Layer Tunic

Finally, if you’re voting Conservatives then make sure you work this Villa fringed tunic from Oli.com for £40.

Personally, I think I am going to have to vote Lib Dem – I have a bit of a penchant for yellow.

The above dresses do not reflect the oppinions, views or election manifestos of any of the election candidates – so please don’t base your votes on these fabulous dresses.


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One response to “Election couture

  1. Lisa Cross

    Lovin’ it!! I also share your view about Lib Dem… Not their views, just the dress! Beaut! Now… How do I get my hands on £75?

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