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OMG! on 29th April Gossip Girl fans will be racing down the high street as fast as their Jimmy Choo imitation heels can carry them.

And why you ask? Well, Miss Selfridge has teamed up with the hit US show to produce a collection of 8 exclusive dresses based on the characters from the show; Blair, Jenny, Serena and Vanessa.

Each character has two dresses that personify their New York style so which ever GG girl you are then you will surely find the right look for you.

Blair’s dresses scream Upper East side princess with a cute pink prom dress which is tipped as the best seller.
The black, body con Serena dress perfectly encapsulates the party girl’s style.
Jenny’s dresses are punk rock royalty with lace and chains (would she wear anything else?)

However, for me, I shall be hunting through the rails for Vanessa’s dresses. Her boho fabulous style is my favourite and her dresses, one a trippy leopard print maxi and the other a Grecian black dress with embellished neckline, are summer essentials that I will be working to the max-i.

Collection prices start at £39



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